Awakening Retreat

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with everyday life? Do you struggle with constantly meeting the needs of others at the detriment of self? Are you feeling stuck and unsure of how you got there? Do you feel like you always need to be doing more, even in your relationship with God? If so, then it’s time for an AWAKENING!

  • AWAKEN to the reality that you deserve rest.
  • AWAKEN to the idea that who you are truly is enough.
  • AWAKEN your authentic self.
  • AWAKEN your dreams.
  • AWAKEN true intimacy with your loving Father God.
  • AWAKEN the deepest desires of your heart.

“Christina did an amazing job of connecting all of us quickly so that we could go deep into areas needing to be awakened and healed. The authentic group sharing provided self revelation on my values and identity that would have otherwise taken me months of counseling to accomplish. I can not say enough about the value of this retreat.”

The Experience

When we are overwhelmed, we spend most of our time simply trying to survive. The AWAKENING Retreat is designed to help you explore aspects of your identity that have been overshadowed by the roles you play and the stressors of everyday life. 


Group Sessions:
You get to participate in group sessions and activities which will help you explore topics such as:

  • Connection With Others
  • Uncovering Your Authentic Self
  • Getting to the Root
  • Healthy Coping
  • Releasing Burdens

You will leave feeling:

  • Refreshed and renewed
  • Inspired
  • More joy and peace
  • Renewed sense of purpose
  • Clarity


  • You must be able to arrive by 12:00pm on Friday
  • Retreat will conclude at 10:00am on Sunday
  • Your investment is $995*
  • Cost includes lodging in a private room, all meals and snacks, workshops, and supplies
  • Attendees must be willing to be open, honest, non-judgmental, and willing to do the work
  • This is not therapy and should not be substituted for seeking the help of a mental health professional

**Due to the exclusive nature of this retreat and the extensive planning required, all payments are non-refundable. Thank you for your understanding.**

Your Host

Christina Alston is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Writer, International Speaker, Owner of Eden River Counseling, and Founder of Awakening Retreats. In her counseling practice, she noticed several women were presenting with similar issues, so she created exercises to help them explore the roots of their issues and to rediscover their authentic selves. In order to create a greater impact in a shorter period of time, she developed the Awakening Retreat. She discovered that adding the group dynamic led to an even richer experience. Retreat participants were given resources to help them bring fresh insight and perspectives into their therapy once they returned home. She also found that participants who were not in therapy, were more open to the idea of finding a therapist in order to explore things further. Christina is passionate about wellness and healing of the mind, body, and spirit. She loves hosting retreats that allow her to empower women and witness their transformations.

This weekend has allowed me to better understand who I am. Although I wear many hats, and carry many titles, I now know who I am once all that is stripped away. The retreat made me slow down and face some painful aspects of my life that I ignore or suppress. I had forgotten who God called me to be. Even though it may have been hard to face, I awakened to see that I’m the only one who can allow my values to be compromised. I made some valuable friendships. I learned mechanisms to help me cope when times are difficult. I would recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking to reconnect with themselves and learn valuable tools to heal from past, present, and future trials.